Photographic Collage is a new body of work, derived from Patrick’s appreciation of the natural world, and particularly his love of organic tree forms. These are framed prints with a high-gloss resin surface; some are single images, while others are collage composites of two or more photographs.

Scroll down to see all of the items in this series, and click any thumbnail to see the image larger. Enlarged images may be downloaded for reference and sharing; simply Control+Click or Right+Click the enlarged image and save it to your computer.

Collage-0042 48×12″ 120x30cm

Collage-0043 48×12″ 120x30cm

Collage-0033 36×12″ 90x30cm

Collage-0031 36×12″ 90x30cm

Collage-0026 36×12″ 90x30cm

Collage-0028 36×12″ 90x30cm

Collage-0030 36×12″ 90x30cm

Collage-0034 36×12″ 90x30cm

Collage-0039 36×12″ 90x30cm

Collage-0027 36×18″ 90x45cm

Collage-0036 36×18″ 90x45cm

Collage-0021 24×18″ 60x45cm

Collage-0024 24×18″ 60x45cm

Collage-0006 24×18″ 60x45cm

Collage-0011 24×18″ 60x45cm

Collage-0018 24×18″ 60x45cm

Collage-0009 24×18″ 60x45cm

Collage-0014 24×18″ 60x45cm

Collage-0013 24×18″ 60x45cm

Collage-0016 24×18″ 60x45cm

Collage-0017 24×18″ 60x45cm