Patrick’s Judaic Influences

Patrick Meyer was born & raised in the eastern part of France, in a small town close to Strasbourg in the Rhine Valley, a stronghold of one of the oldest Jewish communities in Western Europe. With a Catholic mother and a father with a Jewish ancestry, he grew up with a strong interest in Jewish and ancient history around the Mediterranean Basin, seeking a spiritual connection with his roots. As a 12-year-old student he began a life-long infatuation with classical studies, and he immersed himself into Latin, Greek, and French philosophy and literature.

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JUD-0393 8×8″ 20x20cm
JUD-0365 12×8″ 30x20cm
JUD-0361 12×8″ 30x20cm
JUD-0360 16×12″ 40x30cm
JUD-0310 24×24″ 60x60cm
JUD-0283 24×6″ 60x15cm
JUD-0282 24×6″ 60x15cm
JUD-0281 24×6″ 60x15cm
JUD-0284 24×6″ 60x15cm