Certain imagery is so archetypal that it can become iconic: the human form, the sunflower, the fleur de lys, or tree forms, for example. These pieces are all anchored by sculptural elements that are instantly recognizable.

Scroll down to see all of the items in this series, and click any thumbnail to see the image larger. Enlarged images may be downloaded for reference and sharing; simply Control+Click or Right+Click the enlarged image and save it to your computer.

ICON-0268 24×12″ 60x30cm

ICON-0265 24×6″ 60x15cm

ICON-0267  24×6″ 60x15cm

ICON-0269 24×12″ 60x30cm

ICON-0491 40×24″ 100x60cm

ICON-0270 (a quadriptych, composed of 0268, 0265, 0267, & 0269)

ICON-0534 24×18″ 60x45cm

ICON-0274 24×24″ 60x60cm

ICON-0301 24×24″ 60x60cm

ICON-0273 24×24″ 60x60cm

ICON-0278 24×6″ 60x15cm

ICON-0277 24×6″ 60x15cm

ICON-0279 24×6″ 60x15cm

ICON-0280 24×6″ 60x15cm

ICON-0275 24×6″ 60x15cm

ICON-0490 48×18″ 120x45cm

ICON-0492 48×24″ 120x60cm

ICON-0288 48×24″ 120x60cm

ICON-0286 24×24″ 60x60cm

ICON-0531 48×12″ 120x30cm

ICON-0650 48×18″ 120x45cm

ICON-0538 48×24″ 120x60cm

ICON-0536 24×24″ 60x60cm

ICON-0540 24×24″ 60x60cm