The Architectural Strata series features forms, patterns, and textures that evoke buildings and cityscapes.

Scroll down to see all of the items in this series, and click any thumbnail to see the image larger. Enlarged images may be downloaded for reference and sharing; simply Control+Click or Right+Click the enlarged image and save it to your computer.

ARCH-0307 12x12″ 30x30cm

ARCH-0304 12x12″ 30x30cm

ARCH-0305 12x12″ 30x30cm

ARCH-0306 12x12″ 30x30cm

ARCH-0294 24x24″ 60x60cm

ARCH-0308 24x24″ 60x60cm

ARCH-0620 24x24″ 60x60cm

ARCH-0621 24x24″ 60x60cm

ARCH-0313 12x12″ 30x30cm

ARCH-0208 Triptych     48x12″ 120x30cm           each panel

ARCH-0314 12x12″ 30x30cm

ARCH-0211 30x12″ 75x30cm

ARCH-0295 24x12″ 60x30cm

ARCH-0296 24x12″ 60x30cm

ARCH-0321 24x12″ 60x30cm

ARCH-0317 24x6″ 60x15cm

ARCH-0566 24x18″ 60x45cm

ARCH-0320 24x6″ 60x15cm

ARCH-0293 Diptych 48x6″ 120x15cm each panel

ARCH-0327 Triptych 48x6″ 120x15cm each panel

ARCH-0624 Diptych 48x6″ 120x15cm each panel

ARCH-0949 Diptych 48x4″ 120x10cm each panel

ARCH-0328 Diptych          48x6″ 120x15cm          48x12″ 120x30cm

ARCH-0292 Triptych          48x6″ 120x15cm          48x8″ 120x20cm          48x6″ 120x15cm

ARCH-0653 Triptych          48x6″ 120x15cm          48x8″ 120x20cm          48x6″ 120x15cm

ARCH-0329 Diptych          48x6″ 120x15cm          48x12″ 120x30cm

ARCH-0663 Quadriptych        2@ 48x12″ 120x30cm          2@ 48x6″ 120x15cm

ARCH-0301 Diptych        24x6″ 60x15cm               each panel

ARCH-0463 Triptych        36x12″ 60x30cm               each panel

ARCH-0298 Diptych          24x12″ 60x30cm             each panel

(includes 0296 & 0295)

ARCH-0302 Quadriptych        2@ 24x12″ 60x30cm          2@ 24x6″ 60x15cm

(Includes 0295 & 0296 plus the 2 narrower panels)