These Abstract wall pieces blend strong contours and lines with geometric shapes and organic textures.

Scroll down to see all of the items in this series, and click any thumbnail to see the image larger. Enlarged images may be downloaded for reference and sharing; simply Control+Click or Right+Click the enlarged image and save it to your computer.

ABS-003 dia. 24″ 60cm

ABS-0004 dia. 24″ 60cm

ABS-0630 dia. 24″ 60cm

ABS-0633 12x12″ 30x30cm

ABS-0635 12x12″ 30x30cm

ABS-0638 12x12″ 30x30cm

ABS-0637 12x12″ 30x30cm

ABS-0652 24x24″ 60x60cm

ABS-0285 24x24″ 60x60cm

ABS-0948 24x24″ 60x60cm

ABS-0653 24x24″ 60x60cm

ABS-0640 12x12″ 30x30cm

ABS-0005 24x24″ 60x60cm

ABS-0641 12x12″ 30x30cm

ABS-0648 12x30″ 15x75cm

ABS-0210 Quadriptych 48x48″ overall

L to R: 2 panels @ 48x12″ 120x30cm

1 panel 12x12″ 30x30cm

1 panel 36x12″ 90x30cm